Friday, March 31, 2006

Find of the week:

One of my lovely students brought this amazing magazine, "La Vie Claire", to show me in class today.

I hadn't heard of Claire Murray before - but she designs beautiful tapestries and cross-stitch patterns... Her magazine is gorgeously designed, and is full of large spreads of photos and plenty of white space (big selling point for me).

The stated theme on the first page is "La Vie Claire - the clear life- celebrating lives lived with passion, places that inspire, experiences that expand, homes and settings that fulfill a vision."

It is page after page of color and gardens and flowers and incredible interiors.... Yum....

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Joanna said...

It looks a really pretty magazine, I have never seen it, maybe we don't get it here. The place you teach looks looks very inspirational and full of spring. What a disapointment about the chocolate. We where trying eek out our english supply in south america we are big fans of dairy milk. We did discover the most amazing chocolate shops wish I took a picture.