Friday, April 07, 2006

Cool website:

Check out this site and it's amazing 3D street art! I'd love to see this in person - it's hard to imagine how it must look from other views.


Joanna said...

that is such fun, would love to see it in reality.

Rebecca Bush said...

It's pretty amazing. Wasn't this optical trick first used by Dutch painters? I remember a still life where there was the image of a skull distorted added to it that could only be seen when looking at it with a curved mirror or something? It would be something to see these in person. Probably the hardest part would be matching the background and having the light match to make the effect work.

tlc illustration said...

The photos at least were pretty impressive. I'd love to see some... Rebecca - you should learn how to do these! On the sidewalks next to the golden fire hydrants!