Thursday, April 06, 2006

More in-class exercises:

We are back to the foreshortened-views-of-the-hand exercises in class. Generally an impressive one. My students are usually quite impressed and pleased with what they can do in a very short period of time. (These were drawn in under 30 minutes - which included me giving instructions and checking on the student drawings). It is incredibly relaxing and therapeutic to just *draw* in class. No art director, committee or outside agenda. Wish I allowed myself time to do it more often.

In other art-related news, a number of our POBL painting/critique group attended an opening of a one-woman show of one of our members this evening (Jo. Check out her website under "food". Many of these pieces were displayed). She filled the main room of this lovely little Seattle gallery with her intricate work which she has slaved over for the last year+. We've seen many of these pieces in progress throughout the year, and it was incredibly gratifying to see them all finished beautifully and hung (more so for her!). It was a lovely, culminating night.

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