Thursday, April 20, 2006

Spring - sprunging!

Sunshiny days! I'm happily watching the seeds I've started indoors coming up. And the outdoor beds are making good progress with the things that wintered over, and are waiting for new seeds and starts to be put in.

This bed is various greens in the front, pot herbs on the next 'row', awaiting more medicinal herbs behind them, with a quince and highbush cranberry against the fence. These are interspersed with a liberal sprinkling of volunteer johny-jump-ups, forget-me-nots, shasta daisies, poppies and love-in-a-mist.

These are the raised beds on the other side of my little back yard. The three in the corner are for veggies and the other two are berries. All of these are still in their very early spring stage.

The herb boxes on our deck are all happily restocked and replanted (all of those gorgeous herb starts I posted a couple of weeks ago are now in the ground!) Four different flavors of thyme and several different types of oregano, marjoram, mint and parsley. Chives, tarragon, and lemon verbena. (They came to good use this evening in a fabulous herbed chicken - lemon juice, olive oil, lemon balm, thyme, golden oregano, creeping marjoram, and rosemary blossoms - which are fabulous. They are sweeter and milder than the rosemary needles, without the bite of resin. Yum!!)

Why are they called "forget-me-nots"? They are impossible to 'forget' - they reseed themselves SO prolifically that they come up *everywhere* and in huge numbers! I have to pull them up by the handful!

Ah, spring, spring, spring... I'm very happy...


PG said...

The garden looks lovely! And a deck...I almost wish I hadnt' read this post, now I feel the urge to scamper into the garden and go plant more seeds...your seedlings are so tidy - I spy beans in there...

Ulla said...

How beautiful and promising your garden looks!!!

tlc illustration said...

Just bursting with 'promise'. I'm always impatient for June and July when things *really* grow and flourish.

Beans,lemon cucumber, echinecea, meadowsweet, lemon basil, cinnamon basil and sweet basil, marjoram, dill, calendula and oregano starts. I am very excited!

andrea said...

Much neater than my garden but it could certainly be here. It's immediately identifiable (to me) as a Pacific Northwest garden! But I wish I could get some of that organic chocolate with ginger on this side of the 49th. Must look for it next time I'm over the line. Where should I look?

BTW thanks for the offer of a link and I'll do the same if I may. (Do you want a Small Art button, too, or am I being just too pushy? On second thought I see you like to keep a clean, uncluttered sidebar, so never mind.)