Monday, June 19, 2006

A weekend in which some vicarious gardening is done...

I've been diligently spending time in the studio working on some illustration samples (due next Monday! Argh!), but things continue to grow outside! Strawberries need picked nearly every day. The raspberries are ripening (isn't this way too early for that?) A number of herbs are ready for harvesting and drying. Luckily, my sister-in-law was in town for the weekend and, gratefully! was willing to do some of the garden stuff. We had fabulous herb-and-greens-and-flower salads all weekend. She harvested the lavender to hang, and the effusive parsley to dry and the berries to eat. It was wonderful to have another sest of experienced hands.

And here is my new passionfruit vine. We'll see how well it does on the deck this summer. Here's me being hopeful!

Well - so much for my break. Back to the grind.


Gina said...

How wonderful that you grow such gifts for yourself. I love how your pots are stacked up the stairs, it looks so artistic, I suppose that's fitting of an artist isnt it! Good luck with your samples!

Rebecca Bush said...

Hi Tara!
You've managed to do so much gardening while still being incredibly busy! I'm impressed. Beautiful flowers.