Wednesday, October 25, 2006

But wait! There's more!

Thankfully, fairy granter-of-gifts-galore Ulla, from yesterday's post, alerted me to the fact that there were yet *more* tiny treasures to find! This time from the mythical side of the sea. Another of my favorite themes. Thanks again Ulla (The sparkly shell was so pretty on it's own, I didn't realize there was MORE inside!) I could get used to this opening more surprises every day! :-)

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Naturegirl said...

Oh my oh my!What have we here...a wee **treasure** a gift from the sea so fussy and precious!
I have not been here for some time and OH what {{{excitement I see}}} fairy filled packages and....
{{{{ chocolate!}}}}..I was at a lavender chocolate fest last evening and learned much about the hot choc. w/chillies!Must try some!! Now I must read more and see what I,ve missed..hugs NG
** energenic sunflower was grown by a friend!