Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chocolate shopping!

I actually got to leave my house for a few hours yesterday. I needed to run a few errands that I could put off no longer, and while I was out I took a few minutes to check out a new store next to the art studio where I teach that I had not been to yet. What a treat and delight! The store is an O'Malley & Potters, whose Feel Good Products I have been buying for several years - but this store is dedicated to all of their products, and Mrs. Feel Good herself seems to run this one.

She was a lovely woman to chat with as I perused her wares. I am a fan and a convert of her aromatherapeutic lotions, but here she also had oils, pampering items, amazing loose-leaf teas, every color of organic sea-salt imaginable amongst many other interesting and nurturing items.

But, of course, my interest was thoroughly piqued by the chocolate display. :-) I have recommended Dagoba brand chocolate in the past, but here was a whole new incarnation - in hot chocolate form! And the Xocolatl flavor (the very dark chocolate with hot chili pepper), which ranks amongst my favorites! The other chocolate bar is 'sugarless' (it uses roastes chicory root or something instead), high in fiber, low glycemic index and is supposed to be an effective weight loss product. :-) A bar and a glass of water before meals and it's supposed to have an appetite suppressing effect. Wow!! Diet made in heaven!

Happy, happy shopping trip....


natural attrill said...

I love chilli and dark chocolate together. I am curious about that drink though, I guess you make it with milk like ordinary hot chocolate? not sure I like the sound of that.

andrea said...

My mouth is watering. Is there an O'Malley and Potters in downtown Seattle? It sounds familiar.

Naturegirl said...

So after I downed a whole bar of dark chocolate I read this post! Send me some of that special chocolate will you!! I could lose some lbs. I've been on a chocolate kick for months and can't seem to STOP!!
I love shops that sell aromatherapy products!

One Crabapple said...

ohhh you are killing me Girl.

Some great tips here....I have to make sure I check them out. You know I like the chili choco. I think we had that discussion before.


tlc illustration said...

Penny - yes, it recommends milk or a milk alternative (I used vanilla soy. Was plenty yummy!)

Andrea - I don't know if they have another location called O'Malley & Potter - although I'm sure it says on her website. Generally I've just seen her products carried in other locations.

Happy chocolate all!