Wednesday, December 13, 2006

11 days...

My unending to-do list keeps getting in the way of dedicated, focused drawing time... Argh! My husband is so busy at his new job, I'm having to pick up a bunch of the kid-chauffering slack - which takes a ridiculous amount of time. I take my son to the airport tomorrow, and my daughter is out of school on Friday for winter break - so by Friday I hope to not have to leave the house again for a couple of weeks at least!

Wind storms are rocking the area. Luckily, we have not lost power as of yet (more wind to come) - but I now have very bright, battery-operated lanterns for just such an event - no excuse for not working from here on out!


PG said...

I love your Christmas pictures, they are so gentle - was that really a year ago..?
There must surely be an end in sight for your illo jobs?
We are windy over here too, in the weather sense.

silverlight said...

Your talent knocks me out.
THE pictures are wonderfully realized.
I did look at all of the previous drawings.
The reindeer and toy town is really cute.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Such childlike innocences in this piece, the loving hand, the shared smile...