Tuesday, December 12, 2006

12 days...

Countdown continues. I *did* manage to get the bulk of the intended Christmas parcels to the post office today. The floors are swept and vacuumed. Got to see my daughter's winter concert this evening (they performed a compilation from "Wicked", in which she had a pretty amazing french horn solo). Cleaned out the refrigerator. Studio is tidied, swept and sorted. Drawing has commenced. Unfortunately, the initial sketches are pretty rough, so finalizing the drawings (25+ of them) will be a time-consuming process. Goal - all drawings finished and transfered by December 31st... Double countdown.

But all is not grey and drear! It has been quite windy - which periodically blows the storm clouds away and we get bright, brief sunbreaks. Yesterday, we had sun and rain simultaneously - resulting in rainbows out the front door.

Auspicious, surely!


Chris.P said...

Wow are you going for the 'Super-parent' award.

It's a bit rough having an over Chritmas deadline.

I hope you can take a couple of days off to enjoy it

Anonymous said...

Heh welcome back to blogland! You sound as busy as Santas elves! Hugs Naturegirl
(Blogger not allowing me to comment as I have not switched to Betta yet)

Joanna said...

Yes hope you get some days of to enjoy christmas. Good luck getting all the drawings finished on time.