Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Mulino

Our stay was based at Il Mulino di Monteromano which is located on the very most eastern side of Tuscany bordering on le Marche. It is a beautiful, quite rural area in the foothills of the Appennine Mountains. The nearest neighbor is an elderly man who lives about a mile away whom you can see outside tending his grape vines if you drive by in the mornings.

My mother and I stayed in the downstairs bedroom (you can see our door and window on the lower right) - which stayed saturated with sun and visiting butterflies (and the occasional lizard) all morning.

Even though the mill was rather out-of-the-way, it was close enough to any number of tiny, medieval villages and many a day-trip was taken to see the surrounding environs. We were also within driving distance of larger towns like Urbino, San Sapulcro and Arezzo - all of which had charming architecture, churches, museums and gelaterias. (More on the day trips later).

However, for the fairy nieces, it was a wonderland of nature and exploration. Every sort of natural element - animals (including a wild boar we saw one evening), insects, rocks (they had found quite a collection of fossils just around the mill), flowers (of which we practiced sucking the necter from the honey locusts, honeysuckle and red clovers), etc!!!...

There were 'caves' under the mill houses and in the crevices of huge boulders. There were hills and trees and climbing vines. Steams and waterfalls. Enchanted glades and inviting meadows.

And does this not capture the expression of unabashed joy and freedom in one's life and surroundings?


andrea said...

Fabulous photos! (So jealous..) You have painted a wonderful portrait of the place.

I have recently discovered a great blog, written by a Swede living in Tuscany. It's mostly a food and photo blog. You must visit! It's

Daisy Lupin said...

All of these photographs are so beautiful. What a paradise you have found. I especially love the stone steps leading down beside the water. What a magical place for children. The building itself if also amazing, it is all a true idyll.

Naturegirl said...

Heaven on earth for sure!Your room was saturated with sun and butterflies... oh sigh! Those little girls are dancing faeries!
Have a wonderful ~Mothers Day!~
hugs NG

tongue in cheek said...

every picture sings the song of Joy!

Happy Mother's Day!

Tommy-Rocket said...

What a beautiful place!
I love those little stone houses with the bridge between them.
The landscape is stunning!
And that house in Devon!
Little bit out of price range infortunately!!!


ps. - your girls are adorable! Proper little faery princesses!

weirdbunny said...

Look how happy and liberated the children look, to be able to pay in the middle of now where at the countryside !

natural attrill said...

What beautiful photographs.
It must have been wonderful to have that room with the door outside like that.
The children sure look like they are happy!
All this makes me want to get away and go on holiday far from the worries and routine of life here at the moment.

Bendtherulz said...

All your pics are making me itchy feet....time to plan a holiday soon....and I just loved that bouncy skippy lil are such great teachers...!

Rebecca Bush said...

I've just caught up on your pictures-- how beautiful! I see what you mean about the quality of the light making everything look like a painting. What a magical place. Great photos!

Merisi said...

I am so happy you enjoyed Italy so much, the home of my heart. There is something special about it's earth and air. Fairyland. :-)
I have to come back and enjoy in depth. These past week and these coming days feel like a whirlwind tour here, I cannot even get to post all the beautiful spots I encounter on my daily "routine". I think you would enjoy Vienna too!
Looking forward to coming back and enjoy you journey log and whatever the future brings from your side of the world (one of my daughters is travelling to St. Louis, Miss., on Friday, for summer school, another reason that keeps me getting bored here).
Hope your work load is not to stressful,
love from Vienna,

Merisi said...

Oh, dear! The Mistakes! "its" earth ... keps me from NOT getting bored ..., and who knows what else.
I apologize.

muddy red shoes said...

Tara...stunning photoes, beautiful little fairys, and fairy houses, I want to rush off there now. Come and stay with me...(the fairys in Brittany are a bit darker) What a glorious place that looks.

Chris.P said...

Just catching up on your inspirational holiday report. Fantastic images Tara. Good to have you back.