Friday, May 25, 2007

Smaller cities - San Gimignano

Known as the City of the Beautiful Towers...

It's a small, walled, medieval hill-top town about a half an hour north of Siena.

It is one of the few towns that has managed to *keep* its towers - at least 13 of the original 70+ that they had at one point, I believe I read. *Where* they put all those, I can't imagine. (If you've seen the movie "Tea with Mussolini", the last third of the movie takes place in San Gimignano).

You have to walk up into it, through its large, stone gates. The streets are narrow, a bit touristy, but have some lovely character.

The walls are old and established - many are sprouting!

By now, you know me and windows! Three distinct styles are juxtaposed nicely here.


Tom Kidd said...

You're right, this town is overflowing with character. The picture I love here is the street scene with the, I guess structural, arch. I like the grass growing on it and the green shift on top. And the people make the photo perfect. I wonder what it looks like at night here with that lamp lit.

Kalyan said...

Some beautifully captured shots!

CJ said...

I am so enjoying these slices of Italy through your eyes. The sculpture is astonishing in it's detail and scale!