Friday, May 25, 2007

Smaller cities - San Gimignano

Assortments -

The embellishments.

The ubiquitous stuffed pig at the butcher's. These did NOT make my fairy-nieces happy. They are staunchly vegetarian and animal lovers (*living* animals!)

I loved these little, asymmetric carvings.

You could climb to the top of the hill that the city is built on. There you were greeted by a lovely panoramic view of fields and orchards and the occasional dwelling.

But my mother's favorite part - the gelato! San Gimignano has a gelateria that kept winning 'the country's best' for years in succession, until the owner quit entering. Of course, we had to try it out - and it was not overrated! I had passion fruit and saffron that day. Fab-yoo-lous!


Tom Kidd said...

The first one here looks like some sort of puzzle that you have to decipher to open a secret door.

Your fairy-niece looks like a elf to me in this picture. She should be riding on one of these boars with sword in hand.

I like your intimate detail shots. They make me think about the artist who sculpted this.

The shot of the orchard looks like a classic postcard. It looks like humid day too. I can see why your mom would be eating gelato.

natural attrill said...

I love that first photo, what is it, do you know anything about it?

tlc illustration said...

I'm not entirely sure Penny. I believe it is a form of crescent moon. There was a funky sun shape on the opposite side of the door. Makes me think that these two are more modern? (I'll see if I can find the sun tile to post).