Saturday, June 09, 2007

Announcing a New Event!

Welcome to the summer SOSF parcel Exchange.

*This event's theme is "Handmade card, favorite tea and a treat"! (One of each.) To keep mailing costs low, be creative with light-weight, flattish items that you personally enjoy and will fit into a small, padded envelope. For example- a couple of packets of your favorite tea, with your great-aunt Tursell's recipe for scones or petit-fours tucked into a beautiful handmade card in which you write your own tea rituals to share with your recipient. Add a wrapped piece of gourmet chocolate or biscotti, or something non-edible, but tea-themed as a *treat* and you will be set! This is just one possibility - use your creativity and love of sharing tea with friends.

If you have personal preferences regarding package contents, let me know. [For instance - if, like me, you do not drink green or black teas - only herbal or any other dietary type of restriction, let me know and I will pass that along to your Secret Fairy.] Everyone that is interested please send your details (name, post-to-able address and a link to your blog) to the hosting fairy TLC. Also direct any other questions you may have after reviewing the FAQs to her.

Your details will be kept in strictest confidence and not passed to anyone except your eventual fairy buddy.Important note: If participants of the previous parcel exchange wish to participate in this one too, they must resend their information (including resubmitting name, blog address and post-to-able address).


Anonymous said...

That sounds fun. I would like to sign up!

tlc illustration said...

Great Vicki. Just send me an email with your contact information and I'll add you to the list.

tica said...

Have fun!!

Merisi said...

I share in spirit a pot of Early Grey with you! :)
Want you to know that I did my utmost to serve you with some ugly pictures from Vienna. Very tough assignment. :(

Merisi said...

Yup, Early Grey for now, the Earlate comes ... well, we'll see. ;-)))

weirdbunny said...

Oh I haven't been visiting blogs, due to lazing outside in the sun !!! Sorry .... your Italy pictures are stunning. It's such a different world isn't it. The poppies and the walkways are amazing - love Julia x