Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stuck in the studio again...

On deadline this week. Will emerge soon.
(There are gardening shots to post!)
(And more lovely Italy photos to report on...)
(I'll return as soon as I can...)


cinderelly said...

looks like we are both 'stuck in the dungeon' these days! ;] hope you can stick your head out and enjoy the sunbreak!

She Who Flies said...

You and I seem to be perpetually on deadline, don't we?! Hope the work flows for you. As for me, I'm already starting my weekend, after working all last weekend and completing... a deadline... last night. Phew!

Merisi said...

Trying to guess if it is tea and milke in the beautiful white cup. :-) I wish you good work, and hopefully a weekend in the garden, or wherever you'd rather be! I for once am grateful that the East Coast is six hours behind me here in Vienna, that way I hopefully manage to finish the documents my bank wants from me to get me a new ATM code, presto (managed to forget the old one *àrgh*).

muddy red shoes said...

you and me both, chin up, it will end...hopefully!

PG said...

Knowing Tara it is probably paintwater in the cups!

Stick in there gel!

Merisi said...

@ pg:
One is probably always to ready to reason for others the way one behaves oneself. I sometimes have to literally dig up my cups of tea from under papers on my writing desk. Judging from the position of Tara's tea cup, I would venture to say it must be colored water. ;-)

Gina said...

Good luck to you! Nice photo by the way, very inspiring.

natural attrill said...

Thats interesting, you use pans, I always buy tubes of watercolour, I suppose thats cos I dont always use it 'correctly' and mix it with gouache to to get thicker paint.

Funny regarding Gretels comment, I am always about to sip my paint wayter and dipping brushes in my tea.

Good luck with your work, hope you meet the deadlines, I am sure you will!


tlc illustration said...

Yes - paint water in the white tea cup. (My actual *tea* is in a giant mug - that I have to put on a different surface so that I don't dunk my brushes in it).

And Penny - actually my palette is full of tube paint. It does dry - so it ends up sort of like pan-paints. I spray down the whole palette with water before I start working so that the paint begins to liquify.

Oh, such exciting details!

natural attrill said...

I suppose I am very 'sad' ! but I find it really interesting finding out how other people work.

I have spent more than 25 years sitting at my drawing board drawing and painting nearly everyday for my work, and I still learn very useful tips from others.

One of the things about our kind of work is that we are by ourselves and dont often get to see others studios, and working methods. Thats one good thing about having the internet now. (bad thing is that is so easy to get distracted, I spend far too much time on the computer!)

On that last note, I am off to finish my xmas artwork of snowman, santa and rudolf.