Friday, July 13, 2007


The fruit continues to come on.

This was from a short picking session with the whole family helping. My freezer is full! We're now giving away what we can't eat (or make ice cream out of).

The herb-and-flower harvesting continues. I get to make at least one quick pass a day and pick the things that are ready. I have read that dried borage blossoms make a nice tea. We shall see. They do maintain their bright blue color, but dry down to next-to-nothing, size-wise... When it cools down outside, I'll try it out.

And in addition to the bounty of the garden, I got the mother lode of surprise fairy packages from PG over at Middle of Nowhere! She knows me well, and sent a plethora of treats catered to me - chocolates and ginger cookies, vintage herb prints, "Miss Potter"(which I *loved*) brochure, a darling handmade fabric-covered book and a package of Gretel's chicken-print cards - and last, but not least, one of her paper cut cards which I had ordered from her Etsy shop. It is amazing! and is destined to be hung in the studio in a tiny little frame. Thank you so much Gretel. I love it all.

And now, I return to the studio for the next few days to finish up the next book cover.... At least I have treats and art and raspberries to keep my company. :-)


Naturegirl said...

Tara you certainly have much to nibble on while working that gift is so generous! You deserve it as you have passed around generousity yourself as I know first hand!

Raspberries and it's sweetness! Foods eaten at their peak is an unforgettable experience!!
I was at a local farm picking raspberries with my grandchildren yesterday making new memories with them! Natureboy and I will return tomorrow after they've left to pick more for making jam!Ice cream w/ raspberries.mmmm!
hugs NG

Cre8Tiva said...

happy creating...perhaps one day soon i will unearth my art supplies and be able to paint again...happy friday the 13th...blessings, rebecca

She Who Flies said...

Wow. Bountiful indeed! Enjoy it all, and if you can't find takers for those spare raspberries, I'll have some please (love love them). They make perfect fairy food :-)
I too loved "Miss Potter".
Thanks for your visit this morning. I'll post some Glastonbury pics in the next few days.

PG said...

Oh God, I wish I was your neighbour, I adore raspberries...(I'd like to be your neighbour for more than just raspberries but you know what I mean!)

Glad the parcel arrived at last, sorry it took so long!

tlawwife said...

I have never had a raspberry so do you think if I convinced the pilot in my family to get me there quickly I could be your neighbor?

LDahl said...

I'm really enjoying the pics of your goodies this year... with the late, pinching snow we had and then the floods, there is nothing here:(
but at least I see someone has plenty and that makes me happy!

miss*R said...

my borage is flowering profusely right now. It is the most gorgeous herb.. I never know which is my favourite - borage or comfrey. Must keep an eye out here to see how the tea goes.

Rebecca Bush said...

What an amazing amount of raspberries you grew! If I lived closer, I'd be right over! :)

natural attrill said...

Love hearts and a sherbert fountain from Gretel too - my favourites! What a lovely package to receive.
The borage is a beautiful colour.

Soozcat said...

ooooOooo, raspberries. Yum.

You remind me that I must post the bounty from Gretel as well. She's been a very busy fairy as of late!