Monday, July 09, 2007

La dolce vita.... (wonder why blogger won't let me enter titles...?)

A couple of posts ago Chris from Raven Madness told me that "Your life is full of glitz and glamour. " Well, I don't think that it is particularly glamorous, but things are fairly good at the moment.

The summer is presently gorgeous - and it is a joy to walk outside in my yard.

We are having an unprecedentedly good year for fruit. The best strawberries I've ever had, and bowls and bowls of raspberries a day.

The roses are absolutely heady with fragrance. As are the herbs that I am cutting and hanging to dry. The pineapple sage and lemon verbena and chamomile are heavenly just to brush past.... Mmmmm. At least it's not too hot for tea drinking - and I've been indulging in fresh herb infusions (anise hyssop being one of my current favorite tisanes to indulge in).

We are also gathering bowls of blueberries, jostaberries, and goumi berries. At some point, it will hopefully warm up enough that the vegetables will follow suit.

My kids are also 'fruiting' well. They are lovely, talented, caring, responsible people. I am very proud of them and impressed by all the things they are involved in. My husband is working at a job that he is enjoying very much and doing well at, and I can't think of another thing I'd rather be doing to earn a living than what I am currently doing (with the possible exception of being a very rich person's herb gardener. Unlimited resources!)

And I have incredibly lovely acquaintances, both locally/in person and those of you I've met through the blogging community that I am grateful for. (This latest package is from the sweet Lindsay and her trusty dog, Ash. Being a *chocolate* lab, how could I not take to her immediately? Thank you both!)

Life is good. 'While not particularly glitzy, I am grateful for it.


Anonymous said...

You have an amazing collection of photos today and a nice narrative to accompany them. Very nice post.

Thank you too for visiting my blog. I do appreciate it.

Brookville Daily Photo

Naturegirl said...

Tara you certainly are seeing your harvest from YOUR garden!!Just look at all those wonderful colorful yummy berries!That rose!! Looks like ~blue moon~I would love to walk through your garden of herbs!Your children our future ~keepers of the earth~..thank you for instilling in them to appreciate mother nature!
Yes life is good for you with many blessings! Enjoy star sister hugs NG

Ele ^_^ said...

Wow I like the photos, expecially the first one.. See ya..^^

PG said...

Sigh, what lovely lovely much of it too! And a parcel from Lindsay which looks wonderful. She is a star. :)

Cre8Tiva said...

i am loving the simple beauty of the berry helps calm me from the maddness of unpacking...blessings, rebecca

roz said...

The fruit looks heavenly.
My neighbor has a pear tree that spills into our yard and it is such a treat to pick them for a snack.
Life is good,you sound like you are enjoying it to the full.

dinahmow said...

All this, and kava-chocolate,too!
Those who have not, but appreciate the sharing of those who have should count themselves also lucky. And I do!Thankyou.

Kajsa said...

My goodness, Tara, the same star is shining over you and I both today! (and I had trouble titling a post this morning as well.)

The delights from your garden look so lovely and luminescent in your fine photos... my garden hopes to be like yours when it grows up! And please tell what are jostaberries and goumiberries? Regional varieties? They sound fantastic!

May your garden and your life ever increase in fruitfulness.

miss*R said...

oh Tara, that poppy is gorgeous....I love lemon verbena - it is winter here and I am waiting to prune mine til the real cold weather has passed..and all that fruit from your garden - yes, life is indeed good..
(I wonder if those seeds that you sent Daisy ever started to grow)
oh and I have had trouble trying to put a title onto blogs too.. ahh the weird and wonderful world of blogger.

CJ said...

I wouldn't worry about 'glitz and glamour'! The splendour in these photos is so beautiful...what a poppy! You deserve a fabulous summer with all the work you've been doing; enjoy!

cinderelly said...

your fruits look wonderful! i guess if i took care of mine it would look good too! :o

Bendtherulz said...

So you having trouble at Title as well...I was not able to post monday title till wednesday...yikes...!! Though now it shows Monday posting... "scratching my head" .
Loved those strawberries...and other berries - at my friends ranch , one day that's what we indulged in - collecting berries and only exception was I prepared the Indian

Good to be back and seeing your garden...!!

She Who Flies said...

It's so good to hear you're enjoying la dolce vita and all the blessings in your life. Your garden sounds like a cornucopia of fragrant, medicinal and yummy delights. What more can one ask for? :-)

andrea said...

This little post is a delight for the soul. Thanks, Tara. I have one of those poppies -- only light pink. They have SUCH short lives, don't they? And the berries! I've reading about them being such a super food lately but their lives are too short, too. Most of the year I have banana on my morning cereal but for about 4 months -- fantastic fresh barries. I'm overjoyed that it's blueberry season now.

Life is good. Thanks.

weirdbunny said...

Our blueberries aren't ready yet, but we've got loads of rasberries as well ! - love Julia x

Gina said...

Oh that looks a delight! (the berries and the bounty)

Joanna said...

All that fruit looks wonderful. I will have to get a friend for my blueberry bush as there are hardly any berries on it this year