Friday, August 10, 2007

Utah Mountains - Activities

Of course it was also delightful spending time with the next generation of cute, little, people...

Here's one of the fairy nieces holding the newest addition - my 6 week old nephew.

And here are the nieces, down in the valley in front of a fountain designed by one of my favorite artists, Jim Christensen. He's a local. I got to take a class from him in college (Water Media or something). He is such a personality - it was one of the most interesting courses I've ever taken.

(Close-up detail of one of the fountain statues. How fun to see your paintings translated into fully embodied three dimensions!)

There were any number of activities available - from watching various family members traverse the rope course... throwing pots in an open studio over the river. I think *everyone* should have an open air studio, spanning a mountain stream - with the sun, and the breezes, and the birds to keep you company.... Ahhhhh...... Spend a couple of hours a day out there with your hands in clay and I suspect you have a recipe for world peace.

As much as I like to paint, there is something about the tactile and three-dimensional....

We also got to celebrate a double birthday - my first-born turned 18 the same day my nephew turned 9 (makes it easy to remember).

Here's my gorgeous boy (with his focused 'game face' - he's in the midst of an intense badminton match) - happy entry to adulthood, baby...


Merisi said...

Congratulations, mother! Don't they grow so fast, those kids?
Lucky you, to catch your son "unguarded", mine likes to tease me to no end, making funny faces the moment I pull out the camera (methinks yours may do the same when he's aware, does he? *g*).

lucille said...

Wow! Amazing photos. You so lucky to have such a property in the family! You must all be very interesting people - climbing, potting, art.... Your son is so handsome! (I had no idea you had children, let alone an 18 year old!!) My daughter is 12 and very pretty...matbe in years to come we could match-make! Thanks, too for the delightful packet you sent me. I've been waiting for you to return to send my thanks, and I'm mulling over a reciprocal mailing.

Naturegirl said...

Beautiful beautiful boy! Happy birthday from NG
Beautiful children! hugs NG