Friday, August 10, 2007

Utah Mountains - Flora and Fauna...

There was a surprisingly accessible amount of wildflowers and wild life...

There were a couple of feeders hung outside the lodge that were frequented by clusters of fierce and territorial hummingbirds - chasing each other off quite vocally (I didn't realize they had such loud voices!). And so many varieties! Ruby throated. Green backed. Brown bodied... Fire-y little, warrior birds!

The roadways were lined with dozens of varieties of wild flowers, on which lit nearly as many varieties of bees and butterflies. It was gratifying to see so many butterflies in one place, since their populations are so depleted in many areas.

Wild yarrow - one of my favorite wild medicinal herbs.... (All the yarrow in my garden is yellow. I wonder if I need wild growing here as well...? hmmmm....)

Briers, bracken, and thistles.... It all provides a lovely understory for larger animals -

- some of the funnest to observe being a trio of moose that frequented the grounds. This afternoon it was the baby, rather than the yearling accompanying the mother moose. He hung about the shore -

-while the mama grazed in the pond. (They eat algae or something, don't they?)

And in the parking lot below our cabins we stumbled upon a fairly tame, still beautifully spotted, mule-deer fawn.

Who was quickly joined by its twin. And then their mother. They were quite unfazed by my trailing after them, snapping pictures. In fact, I tired before they did, and I left them to their grazing.

It was lovely and renewing to be around so many living, growing things (well, maybe not all the millipedes on the floors of the cabins when you'd wake up in the morning)....


Merisi said...

Beautiful images, the one with the butterfly on the fern looks looks right out from fairy land. ;-)

weirdbunny said...

Today there was a buzzard up high in the tree, it sent the guaniea fowl mad they were screeching so loud, either in horror, or to scare the buzzard off. The this evening a Tony Owl was also making a terrible racket. Who thought such birds could make such a noise !

Naturegirl said...

Oh my look at those babies!! What a thrill...I can feel the emotion you had when taking these glorious photos!! Milpeads???? sounds yucky
hugs NG