Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Last Hurrah of Summer - Displays

Then there were all the hand-made objects for both display and competition.

From the ridiculous (I thought this sort of crocheted 'stuff' went out of style decades ago...?)

-to the sublime. Cases of carved, dyed, painted and bejeweled and bedecked ostrich eggs sampled here.


And all kinds of textiles - rugs, quilts, afghans, sweaters - wool, fabric, yarn, etc...

And pretty much anything else handmade that you can think of.
Buildings and buildings of displays.


tlawwife said...

You know I LOVE a fair. Our state fair begins next week and I am heartbroken that I won't be able to go. Although the pocketbook is very glad!!

I think that type of crochet is making a come back. I have been seeing things like that on the DIY channel.

Rebecca Bush said...

Thanks for posting all your pics from the fair. I especially love the strange crafts!