Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Last Hurrah of Summer - Displays

A very traditional rural fair - with displays of growing things -

-flowers, plants, arrangements (award winning dahlias the size of soup bowls!)

And all kinds of impressive fruits and vegetables (this is from the children's garden competition).

The produce was beautiful - and beautifully displayed.

'Makes my little backyard garden feel very meager, indeed.

And then every possible food - jams, jellies, preserves, honey, etc... even cookies. The only downside was that they were all on display, only for competition and not for tasting!!!


Soozcat said...

Ooo! Moose cookies!

Where would one get a moose cookie-cutter, I wonder? That would be fun.

tongue in cheek said...

love these photos! Classified details of homegrown or hand made beauty.

leslie said...

The word BOUNTY springs to my lips, as it all whets my appetite! Thanks for taking us with you to the Fair!

natural attrill said...

I love those photos of veg, and most especially the dahlias, they are such strange flowers almost unreal looking sometimes, I think they are fab!

Gina said...