Monday, September 17, 2007

POBL Retreat 2007 - It's all about the art!

Besides cooking and walking in the woods, our time is primarily spent *painting*!

Indoors, outdoors, wherever the muse strikes...

The scenery is inspiring -

- pretty much anywhere you look.

Big paintings, little paintings, sketchbook additions - art abounds all weekend long!


cinderelly said...

your retreat sounds heavenly! artists all around! why have i never retreated before?! mine was very rejuvenating also...your location looks prettier though!

Gina said...

How inspiring! lovey pics!

Isobel said...

Nice sampling of photos that puts me right back at Bumping Lake. What a fantastic time!

PG said...

Finally had time to look at this properly - I am sooo envious...what a wonderful environment, and I can feel the great atmosphere of artistic industry and friendship, not to mention all the marvellous's good that you made time for this, you have been working so hard, and one has to recharge the batteries sometimes.