Monday, September 17, 2007

POBL Retreat 2007 - Miscellany

The cabin is rustic, charming and homey. Enough amenities to not feel like you are really 'roughing it', but remote enough that there is no contact with the outside world - no phone lines or cellphone coverage. The cabin is powered by the neighboring stream...

There are a few full-time 'residents' who keep an eye on the place during the week.

Here is our retreat mascot - Matisse, the great dane!

Besides the painting, the *eating* is an artform all on its own. Artists can make amazing cooks. The food is half the appeal.

Good food. Good friends. Good times. It really is a magical time and place.


natural attrill said...

Yes, makes sense to me, that artists can make good cooks. I find it difficult to understand an artist friend of mine who has no interest in cooking. To me, its the same, a kind of magic, adding ingredients like adding colours, imagining the tastes as I put things in the pot, having a vague overall imaginary taste before I start a dish, and knowing how its changing as I go along, same as I have an imaginary feeling of a painting before I start it, not an exact idea, things change as they go along. Needless to say, sometimes things do go wrong, but usually, with cooking as with painting, all can be fixed.

leslie said...

Penny, I agree! "...a kind of magic, adding ingredients like adding colors..."
I have been to art club gatherings where the food is amazing.
Don't these pictures make you feel like you're right there?
Glad you're home safely, Tara. Thanks for the pics!

Joanna said...

Your retreat looks fantastic, what a lovely thing to do. I was wondering if you have been having any time for your garden and how your blueberries are. I have brought another bush to keep the first company, I'm hoping this will give me a better crop.

Rebecca Bush said...

Thanks for posting your many pictures of Bumping Lake! I miss it already.

tlc illustration said...

Thanks all!

Joanna - my garden is feeling sorely neglected - but seems to continue to be lush and green regardless. I am still picking flowers and cherry tomatoes and yellow squash.

My blueberries are just finishing up - this was not their best season. A bit sparse overall (I think we had a late frost or something) - but very flavorful! Planting additional ones is supposed to help.

Joanna said...

Thanks for answering, I do hope you get some time in your garden soon. Although I have found having a garden soon a huge distraction. I'm glad your garden has put on a good display and given you lots of things to pick, lets hope next year will be a better year for blueberries.