Wednesday, October 31, 2007

- and Treats!

*Treats* have come in the mail this week!

I actually received TWO packages from Penny and Toby who live in the UK and blog over at Natural Attrill. Foreign food! tea! pampering treats! cards by Penny! beautiful, beaded zipper-pull by Toby!

and in the second box - big fat magazine, hand-knit scarf by Toby, and more cards by Penny. Wow - thanks guys. This was a great treat to behold!

And today, a beautifully autumnally collaged package arrived from Weird Bunny in Wales, blogging at Crystal Mountain -

What a treasure trove of autumn goodies, all in a wonderfully analogous color scheme. Hand knit hand warmers, papers, ribbons, bags of buttons, embroidery floss, Halloween-colored chocolate, a lovely fairy for my garden, and the most darling handmade mushroom card with an accompanying cluster of toadstools. Even the inside of the box lid was collaged in appropriately colored and thematic elements. Golly Julia, what a lovely surprise.

Even though my kids are feeling much to old to go trick-or-treating (so that I have no candy bags to vicariously raid) - I feel completely treated this holiday. Thank you my mail-fairy friends.


She Who Flies said...

What a great mail week for you!
The flu kept me weak and indoors for over 10 days and I didn't get to send any treats as planned. I'll catch up with the fairy-mail love for Christmas :-)

P.S: I'm drinking a cup of that Yorkshire Tea right now!

natural attrill said...

I'm SO glad that both parcels arrived ok, what an age they have taken!

Joanna said...

What wonderful packages

weirdbunny said...

I'm so glad my package arrived safely. I was a bit worried as I couldn't get any tissue paper to secure the gifts inside the box, hope they weren't too squashed or broken ! ~ love Julia x