Thursday, October 18, 2007

On to the next thing...

Enlarged detail from the *latest* cover I just sent off yesterday. Did a bit of interim studio tidying (how does it completely explode with every assignment?) before pulling out the next stack of projects to tackle. Had our first band concert of the year last night. Luckily my husband made it back from his biz trip in time so that *he* could record it and I was free to read my next galleys and sketch while listening. ah, multi-tasking...

Today is absolutely dreary. We are getting our first wind advisories of the season, which can lead to branches and trees down, as well as very inconvenient power outages (some people were without for nearly two weeks last year after our biggest wind storm). Despite the grey, you will get your colorful -

Quote of the day:

Now Autumn's fire burns slowly along the woods
And day by day the dead leaves fall and and melt.

--William Allingham


Angela Rockett said...

Lovely (piece of) illo!

Yes, I was just noticing the tree outside my window trying to touch its toes. Let's hope the power stays on.

She Who Flies said...

Wishing you a fully-powerered season. Stay snug. So you play in a band? I want to know more :-)

Merisi said...

May you stay out of wind's harmful ways!
Those mossy stones look like just the place fairies would like to frolick in. :-)

Here the wind has done a good job of getting rid of most of yesterday's grey clouds, early in the morning there was great blue sky with little pink clouds on the horizon when the sun came up. Now the sky's changed every time I look, some clouds, some grey and big, some small and white, then all disappearing into nowhere. It's definitely cooler, though. Autumn.

natural attrill said...

Lovely detail, the colours are so soft.

Gina said...

I just love how that feels, so soft, and warm. Very inviting.