Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Quote for the day:

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me,
fluttering from the autumn tree."
--Emily Bronte
(I wish *she* had come up with a term for this!)


Merisi said...

Sorry, that quote made me giggle. :-)))
Either there's supposed to be a "P" instead of the "B" (natch, Ms. Bronte never ever ...) or there's an "L" missing or I need to go back to study my vocabulary.
Anyway, it looks like you do have some sun out there!

tlc illustration said...

Thanks for noticing Merisi! :-) Fixed now!

Chris.P said...

That's a real chilled quote Tara.

Good grief I'm starting to talk like my kid's!

She Who Flies said...

What a great quote! Don't you love autumn? :-)

david santos said...

Nice. Very nice! Great work. thank you.

Britt-Arnhild said...

The eye of the Creator enjpying his creation :-)