Saturday, January 19, 2008

One Sheet of Paper -

'Fascinating contest sponsered by the Hirshorn Modern Art Gallery in DC -- the rule is that the artist can use only one sheet of paper.

Makes you want to pull out your scissors and play, doesn't it?! (Many more incredibly impressive entries can be seen here).
Added later: Apparently these are primarily the work of artist Peter Callesen. A4 examples are here, but explore his entire website. The guy's work is breathtaking!)


leslie said...

Isn't that the most incredible stuff you've ever seen??
I saw this a while back, and it it so impressive.

natural attrill said...

Oh these are amazing! just had a look at the link you put, some really clever stuff.
Thanks for the complimentary comment to Toby on our blog!

Chris.P said...
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Chris.P said...

Incredible work. It really pushes the right buttons with me. Thanks for posting the link.

Ps The last illustration you posted has got to be my favorite so far. Despite it coming close to the deadline. Shows you can keep up a consistant quality with your work.

dinahmow said...

Yes, I have seen some of these before and I still say "wow!"
Thanks for another look.

weirdbunny said...

Oh this gentleman is fantastic isn't he. Pater Carlsen I think he's called isn't he. I found his work just before Christmas, when I typed paper cutting into google, as it was something I fancied a go at. Then you look at his work and realise, a snowflake is my limit !

Naturegirl said...

Truly an artform!
Love your last cover for the Fairy Chronicles! hugs NG

Cre8Tiva said...

i want the tiny ballerina...hugs, rebecca

Erica-Jane said...

How lovely to catch up with all you are up to!
Those cat sites just kill me, too!
There are a couple of others too, I'm sure you know but they are...


Well done on being a trooper during your power cut!
Gorgeous, gorgeous work as always :0)

Happy new year!!


Rima said...

Hello Tara :) these are lovely.. and so is your latest illustration!
And I spose you've heard of! X Rima

Soozcat said...

All of these works were created by Peter Callesen, who is nothing short of amazing. You can see the rest of his work at

Anonymous said...

Wow! They're amazing. I like the bridge one because at first you think it's 2 pieces. The little ballerina's lovely too.

Gina said...

What an interesting idea!

Anonymous said...

That's amazing!

Anonymous said...

See Peter Callesen's work - all his work - on website - not Hirshhorn gallery entries.
Please correct this in your display of work - see

Enjoy! ~chickadee from snow-bound Utah~