Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Blogging elsewhere -

I had a visit today from the lovely and talented (and surprisingly local - we didn't realize we lived so close) Angela, who came over to rescue some herb babies for her deck. I love my herbs. I hate having to compost all of their inevitable offspring. So I am tickled when I can find them good homes.

After discussing our mutual interest in local and sustainable eating, Angela is graciously allowing me to 'share' her local foods blog - which will be a more appropriate venue for things like my impending chickens, creative eating from my backyard, etc...

You still may get the occasional garden/flower/chicken photo, and you may still get to hear me gripe about my son's newly-found grass allergy (my husband shares the same one) which leaves mainly *me* mowing the lawn (with some very reluctant help from my daughter) or somesuch, but for the most part, I hope to actually be able to focus and post about ART on this supposed art blog!


andrea said...

Shoot! I just left a long comment and it got eaten. I'll try again!

I have been reading a great blog from nortehrn California that is following the adventures of learning to live a sustainable/ethical life. The link is
I, too, have been 'thinking chickens', so when Ellen (from and I come south on our Thelma and Louise trip will you have a few spare moments to show me your chicken setup?

But back to Hayden. Here's a quote with a great book recommendation from a private email:

"A couple of years ago I picked up Joel Salatin's "You Can Farm" and that just turned everything I thought I knew completely upside down. He's a major guru in the modern farming movement - what he focuses on is the full integration of critters and crops; each supplying what the other needs, and taking much of the work out it for the farmer. It becomes a problem of setting the system up properly, then getting out of the way and letting them do what they do best."

dinahmow said...

Yay! For the suburban farmers. If you four creative gals can't do it, no one can!
(and for an English spring lift, have a look at Purple Podded Peas today!)

dinahmow said...

Tara, have you seen Jackie Morris' current blog entry, with the friend's chicken house?