Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

'Had a lovely day - filled with all the things it should be-

Flowers - (and garden things..) -

-and chocolatey stuff.

And, although this was not a Mother's Day gift, I did want to show you my new 'baby'. A (pretty) Dell Inspiron 1720 . It is huge - a 17 inch screen (wide-screen ratio, so that you can watch movies in the correct format. :-) and enough bells and whistles for my studio needs. It even matches my green organza curtains that cover my studio closet. It is spiffy, sleek and fast. Such a treat after our old, creaky laptop. Now that I'm not chained to my desk however, we are not spending nearly enough time together... Soon, though, I'm sure... I do have more projects coming up.

In the meantime, I am on total illustration hiatus until July 1st (garden, garden, here I come!). My folks are in town visiting for the next couple of weeks, and tomorrow morning we are leaving for a 3 day jaunt to Victoria!

See you later this week! And hope your day was lovely.


michelle said...

cool new toy! Hope you had a lovely day.

Hayden said...

sounds like it was a perfect day!

Enjoy Victoria and bring us lots of garden pics!

andrea said...

Love the colour and say hi to Victoria for me, my once home for four years.

Gina said...

What beautiful flowers, happy mother's day and hi folks, hope you all have a nice trip. I love your new green machine!

elena said...

hi tara

dinahmow said...

What a lovely day! Yes, please say hello to Victoria for me, too.
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