Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sketches -

With my hiatus-from-commissioned art this month, I've been able to excavate my stack of 'personal projects' files. There are a number of paintings that I'd like to get past the sketch stage. However, most of these pieces are pushing me past my illustrative comfort zone (part of the point, actually!). This takes me many many sketches to try to work out conceptual visuals, complex compositions and all the details... This is the most challenging stage for me - and sometimes I get stuck in a brain-rut.

I brought the concept (and my stuckness) to our POBL critique meeting this evening, and got a number of visual suggestions. :-) (What could be better than to be in a room of artists when you have a pictorial question?)

I'm looking forward to implementing! Thanks gals - you're the best!


Cre8Tiva said...

i understand stuck.....i have missed so much while i was distracted...your drawings remind me of how much i need to draw's hoping your unstuck soon...hugs and blessings, rebecca

dinahmow said...

Yes, that struck a chord. Our house is littered with the confetti of doodles!

natural attrill said...

I love this, really like seeing peoples sketches and doodles especially.

Eric Orchard said...

Great sketches! They seem even more gestural than usual and a nice contrast to the map below. Amazing mao by the way.

Merisi said...

Dear Tara,
congratulations on your work finished and many happy days sketching and gardening with the terrible deadline pressures!
I love the map you made for your son,
lucky him.
We had a little rain this morning,
but now the sun's trying to break through the clouds. I am glad it rained, my home was in desperate need of some tidying up.
Have a wonderful Sunday,

Anonymous said...

Nice to see your sketches! I understand stuck. But it's nice to have help to move us beyond this.

Naturegirl said...

It is a treat for me to see the beginning stages of your wonderful worK! I've missed coming by Tara..getting away to the southwest for the winter months was wonderful and doing so I did lose touch with wonderful people. Now that I am home again I have more time to sit at the PC and's nice to stop by and catch up on what 's happening with you! Spring has not been too warm here on my mountain..a shock for me who was spoiled with 80+ temps all winter.
Summer is coming so things should improve for us both!
wishing you much inspiration during your hiatus. hugs NG

She Who Flies said...

These sketches already look quite impressive to me. Honestly, I'll be proud of myself if I could draw like this!

Good luck with your personal projects!

Maddy said...

Hmm a 'support group,' now that might send some encouragement.

Maddy said...

We love it - I think I'm getting a crick in my shoulder!