Monday, June 30, 2008

The campus -

Before I talk a bit more about my week at the IMC, I must take a moment to rave a bit about Amherst campus:

It was founded nearly 200 years ago. Beautiful, brick buildings with gorgeous detailing...

-Attention to architectural detail -

The basement of the studio building we worked in had arched hallways!

This was a tower - at least 100 years old that used to be on a church that burned down. This cool mock-medieval structure is all that remains.

The campus also boasted two museums full of uber-cool stuff. The Natural History Museum was chock-full of various dinosaur, mammoth and saber-tooth tiger skeletons just for starters. As well as the Mead Art Museum - which had a lovely Sargent and Bouguereau and lots of other lovely pieces.

It made for a lovely setting to work in...


d. moll, said...

Does look like a great and inspiring place to work and learn in. When do we get to see your work from the the workshop?

Hayden said...

wonderful old buildings!