Sunday, June 29, 2008

Demos -

One of the coolest parts of the whole week was being able to watch each of the faculty 'in action'. It's one thing to see their work as prints or in books. It's quite another to see it happening in front of you, stroke by stroke.

I was the least familiar with the work of Greg Manchess (ironic since with the exception of Boris Vallejo, he's been out there painting the longest). I suspect it is because he paints in a 'chunkier' oil style, which is the farthest from my own, as well as painting for such a wide variety of markets (from fantasy and children's books to National Geographic). He ended up being my favorite to watch however. The years of experience and intense observation made the choice of strokes look elegant and effortless. More like a dance (as opposed to my frequent painterly struggles). It was awe-inspiring to watch. I don't know if I'll ever paint enough to get to that point, but it is something to aspire to.

Dan Dos Santos did a live portraiture demonstration in under an hour that knocked my socks off. Again, the wealth of previous experience translated into beautiful, efficient choices. I learned tons from him about color temperature and value that has previously only been hinted at in my painting.

Scott Fischer (on the left - with the hat) does *everything*! Traditional, digital, fantasy, scifi, children's books, writes music, sings, etc...! The guy is manic in his energy and his enthusiasm. And wicked talented. I would get kind of tired just listening to all he juggles.

I've always kind of swooned over Donato Giancola's work - but it was great to see to see some of his originals and to watch and hear his thought processes in action.

The best part for me was watching Rebecca Guay's process. She works the closest to the way I do - but way better, so it is very exciting to see. I learned many neat, cool things - from new transferring processes to under painting to oil glazing - which I haven't tried for years, nor in my style.

Many new things to implement!! (The question now is *when*?)...


Tanja said...

I'm hoping to attend a future workshop myself one year, although I'll need to do some oil painting practice beforehand...I usually paint with watercolor if I'm not doing the work digitally.

Sounds like you had a great time! Hope that you can post a few tidbits of what you learned. :)


dinahmow said...

Your enthusiasm is infectious!
Yes, it is uplifting and inspiring to be able to see and learn from great talent, in any field.
Pleased you had such good trip.

PG said...

Oh Tara, it sounds wonderful, DO get some stuff done now if you can, before the buzz wears off! I am really attracted to the thought of long, intense workshop free from housework/internet/ and all that...

Anonymous said...

This has been very inspiring! I need to set some goals. I hope you keep writing about your progress as it's so encouraging.