Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Illustration Master Class -

-has just opened registration for its 2009 incarnation. I debated and deliberated a bit - it not being that many months since the *last* one, but have decided to register for this years' as well. Partly because it was just a terrific, creative kick in the pants, and partly because Charles Vess is coming as faculty this go 'round.

I've made it through more than half of the goals I came back with from the last one, and am working on most of the others. If nothing else, it should help me to continue to refine and focus my professional energies and direction.

All good.


Rebecca Bush said...

Congrats on investing in your goals! I took a look at Charles Vess' site and it looks like he's right up your alley! Very cool. :)

Joanna said...

Well done working through your goals. I could really do with a masterclass. We don't have anything like that. I do miss some guidance its hard working on ones own to see beyond the straight forward. Not sure thats the best words to explain what I mean

Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

how exciting, this looks great! so next year are you going to be one of the instructors? ;) hey you never know right?

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...
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The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Glad you are onboard for this one, Tara. Since making the decision, I haven't wavered about going.
BTW, your daughter is simply beautiful. Oh, to be 16 again.

Anonymous said...

You're so fortunate! I love that you are doing this. I don't believe you'll regret it. You have some good goals and to be so self directed is great. Love the pics of your daughter. She's very pretty.