Sunday, November 23, 2008

Faery Finery Redux -

Awhile back I posted photos of faery dresses for the faery nieces. Here are some of the promised photos of the nieces actually *in* the dresses -

Here they are with scary Dad...

...and here are the faeries themselves...

From gray woods they come,
on silent feet
Into a cone of light.
A lifting note,
O fair! O fleet!
There the night through
We take our pleasure,
Dancing to such a measure
As earth never knew.
Seamus O'Sullivan


Soozcat said...

Your fairy nieces are, as always, delightful. And their dad looks pretty spiffy too, in a ballroom-from-Labyrinth kinda way.

Karen said...

Those dresses look wonderful.
Makes me wish I could sew. Sadly I'm hopeless.:)

PG said...

What perfect fairy nieces you have - scary dad's mask is pretty awesome too!

Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

they turned out sooo gorgeous and what beautiful little girls. they must have been so proud to wear their one of a kind costumes. simply beautiful!!

The Ms. S said...

The girls look beautiful in the most perfect fairy dresses. ever.

Great photography, too! Of course, I think the poem is the icing on the cake.

There, I guess I like all the elements of this post very much! :)

Wyldhare said...

They turned out so magical and just stunning!

Bronwyn, said...

They are two very lucky little girls! :-)

Hayden said...

how wonderful! you are helping them build treasured memories, someday they will look at these photos and be in awe of your love and effort for them.