Sunday, December 21, 2008

Judging Books by Their Covers -

A couple of weeks ago I was responding to a thread on cover art vs. literary content on the post When Right is Completely Wrong by author Jane Lindskold over on After adding my two cents in the comments section, I was asked by Heather, who runs The Galaxy Express, a blog devoted to science fiction romance books, to answer a few questions regarding cover art and appeal. After she assured me that she didn't mind that the genres I work in differ wildly from the one she is blogging about, I agreed. You can read her post which includes my interview here.

And here's a few more snow shots because, Seattle - Is All About The Snow!

(You may notice that some of these are the same locales as yesterday, but since it snowed steadily all night, I thought it impressive to show the progression. Measured with my T-square, there is nearly 9 inches on the back deck. That is definitely a personal record for the last decade that I've lived in the Pacific Northwest).


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

There is no sight more Christmassy than a snow covered fir tree!! You are a lucky girl!

Parrish70 said...

Hi Tara,

I am glad I read your post on book covers and followed the link to The Galaxy Express. A very interesting interview. =) I have often wondered how book covers were chosen and yes, I did blame the artist for discrepancies from the story but should have known better! =) I very much judge a book by its cover, even thought I know I shouldn't, and have been known to buy a book just for it's cover. Like when Arthur Rackham is the artist. Your covers are beautiful and would definitely make me pick the book up off the shelf.

Beautiful snow pics. I have taken a bunch too for proof in the coming years that, yes, we did actually have that much snow! =)

Jennifer said...

Hi Tara-- Beautiful snow pictures-- looks familiar, haha! I hear you all are supposed to get more... Enjoy your holiday! :-)

Elizabeth said...

Hope you are not buried beneath great drifts by now?
Merry Christmas.

Chris.P said...

Wow you 'sounded' like you knew what you were talking about in that interview;¬)

Seriously though I was surprised that the editor's had such control over the final cover image. In the Luna cover, the change in eye line made the Mermaid look so subservient to the fairy. And the obiteration of your fine detail is almost a crime.

When an editor moved a couple of eyes on one of my illustrations I went nuts. You have a better philisophical acceptance threshold than me:¬)

I hope you have a nice relaxing Christmas.


Anonymous said...

On book covers...I think we had a similar discussion on this not so long ago?
It would be helpful if more of the book buying public could read that comment thread and your interview!
I know several (usually newcomers) writers who have an artist in mind for their covers and are surprised, sometimes annoyed, that they don't get them.
If I signed a contract (as a writer)I would like to have some control over the cover.Perhaps a clause allowing sketch approval?
A thorny issue, I know, but,as evidenced at the Tor article,readership can be dramatically reduced or misdirected.
Sorry, Tara, no answers on this, just my two cents!

And I hope you're enjoying your very Hallmark Christmas!