Friday, December 12, 2008

Life Drawing and Scary Santas -

Still awaiting approvals on submitted sketches. One day off does not make up for for the many many days working however... Especially given the morning hours of this session (as I have become ever more nocturnal as this project has progressed).

As such, life drawing is a struggle. It's hard to focus, even with a terrific model and decent lighting. Hopefully, by continuing to go through the motions, it is doing *something* beneficial there in my brain that will pay off at some point. It was 'short pose' day - and I found that I couldn't get anywhere close to addressing everything I wanted in each drawing (like the features and hands - only barely indicated here... ergh.) This is the last session until mid-January, which is maybe a good thing. (Since this blog is supposedly chronicling my 'daily artistic struggles', I guess you get the struggle and the not-very-successful aspects of my process. Yay you).

To amuse and console, I am treating myself (and you if you wish) to this series of Santa-photo-op misfires. :-) I loved the expressions in this one - why is it so many children are scared silly of Santa's lap? Hmmmmm.


janeyolen said...

My kids had no problems with Santa--but then their dad had a huge beard at the time. They were frightened of beardless men, or called them Mama!


andrea said...

I have a photo of my 16 year old on my lap when he was 2. I'm on Santa's lap. That's the only way he'd have his picture taken with that scary guy! :)

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Kinda makes you wonder if any of these kids required some therapy later on in life, uh? There are some great reference photos in there for Santas though. Your sketches are showing much more confidence. Goes to show how important it is to draw from life. I think that must be one of the 10 commandments of art.

Anonymous said...

I hope Santa has ear plugs! My kids were never certain of Santa. We didn't get any pictures except once. I'm not sure if I can find it. Maybe I'll have to look. Like the sketches.

Jennifer Rose said...

lol at the look on some of the Santa's faces :)

Soozcat said...

I remember being scared of Santa as a kid. I already had it worked out in my mind what the real Santa would be like--a little shy and diffident (after all, he doesn't like anyone to see him at work, so he must be at least somewhat shy), quiet, but very sweet. The kind who would never deliberately scare a child. The department store Santas with their HO HO HOs used to scare the dickens out of me.