Monday, March 02, 2009

No, Thank YOU :-)

There's nothing like a gaggle of effusive 10 year olds to make you feel like a rock star. :-)

I got thank you letters from the entire class - I'm posting a few delightful ones for your perusal:

(click on letters to see a larger version)

(aren't they great?)
A couple more quotes that I very much enjoyed:

"This was a great experience for me because I love drawing and I've always wanted to meet an artist. I really love your drawing too. And I learned a lot from you. Some day I hope to be just like you."

"I have a laminating machine and tomorrow I am going to laminate the autograph you gave me."

"You are a very excellent illustrator. When I first saw your work I was flabbergasted by the detail and magnificent choice and color. I learned a lot about many things and my vocabulary has broadened."

I have have somehow helped broaden vocabulary. My work here is obviously done.


Kala said...

how cool is that!


Chris.P said...

What a fantastic tribute to you Tara. Can't think of anything more rewarding for an artist.

ruthie said...

That is sooo lovely. The greatest reward i used to get from working with children was their enthusiasm & honesty. And to give such inspiration to them - wow!

Rebecca Bush said...

Yes, you have broadened vocabulary by providing the experience of flabbergastion! Seriously, it is very cool that you were able to share your work with the kids. You have touched some lives and made a difference.

maren said...

Wow. That is neat. You impressive illustrator you. I need you to autograph my copies of your books!!

Jessie Lilac said...

Aww that's lovely! What lucky children they were having you come and do a demonstration. I wish I could have been there!x

d. moll, said...

Sweet, your work has wider ranging effects than you ever expected!

Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

how very cool for you! i particularly like the YOU ROCK drawing and the invitation to illustrate a book together. so sweet!

Catherine said...

I love all the fairy drawings, how sweet! What a rewarding experience this must have been. Congratulations!

LOL about the laminating quote!!

Jennifer Rose said...

thats really nice :D

The Ms. S said...

Nice to hear you ROCK :-)

Soozcat said...

Hehe. Bet you feel like striking a pose, saying "My work here is done... Illustratress AWAYYYY!" and flying off into the sunset.

Actually, that would be awesome.