Friday, April 24, 2009

Things I've Been Doing Instead of Drawing....

I'm having one of those Life-Gets-In-The-Way sort of week... Wanting to work in the studio every day, but stuff, besides doing things like flying across the country for the weekend, continues to come up -

Spent one evening taking my Sondheim-loving daughter downtown to see "Sunday In the Park With George" (which I related to much more now than the first time I saw it. All that crazy-obsessive-artist stuff! Hmmmmm....... :-)

I volunteered to put together a card for the owner of the house we stayed in for our spring retreat - with a Thank You piece of art from all of us. I enjoy making these things, but they always take longer than I had planned. So, another evening Not Drawing.

Spent some time researching mini-laptops (Michelle is shown here with her new baby Asus Eee). I'm traveling more now, and as much as I love my chartreuse green 17" Dell Inspiron, it is *heavy* and cumbersome to lug around in airports. 'Would like a small, light-weight one for travel. (Anyone out there have a 10" laptop you recommend?)

Attended critique meeting with my fellow POBL-ites. This is one amazing, hard-working, well-published group of women! (And our meetings take an entire evening...)

But probably the most time consuming thing of all -
as a result of that UFO up in the sky (some people call it "the sun" - a thing we don't see so much of in this part of the world at this time of year) -

-I've *had* to spend a number of sun-drenched hours out in the yard, working on the gardens and various beds that have been so neglected over the past couple of deadline-heavy summers. (See all my parsley babies coming up here? So much new plant life. So gratifying to be out amongst....)
I'm sure I'll get more studio hours in as soon as it starts raining again. Could be any minute now.


Anonymous said...

That is so neat! Nice to have the sun isn't it! The card looks great. Sounds like the trip was very pleasant. Love the artwork too.

maren said...

I love the card. Very cool.

Jessie Lilac said...

You might not have been drawing, but it looks like you're feeding the muse!x

Jennifer Rose said...

the card looks great and is such a nice thing to do :D

The Garden Ms. S said...

It is so hard to be indoors or be immobile this time of year. One must be out doing something!

ruthie said...

Tara, i know that feeling so well - torn - garden/artwork, artwork/garden, for us here too those sunny days are few & far between, so gardening has been a must whilst the april showers are held at bay. your daughter is such a sweetie! love the card that you made. you have been sooo busy!