Monday, April 20, 2009

To Atlanta and Back Again -

I'm apparently on a quest to photograph airport art now.

(which is harder to do if your time is tight. Or you are traveling with a destination-oriented husband :-).

I could barely keep up in the 'rainbow corridor' in Chicago!

But spring is in full swing and gorgeous in Georgia. Had a nice, quick! time of visiting and family dinner. (And boiled peanuts for breakfast. Definitely in the South!)

Happy 80th to the mother-in-law.


Cathy said...

Amazing photos! I haven't had boiled peanuts in years!

Anonymous said...

Is the snake a fairie?

andrea said...

Ooo -- love these! Great selection of eye cnady.

Anonymous said...

I like the rattler!

Soozcat said...

Not sure I've ever had boiled peanuts, though I've had numerous other delicious (and artery-clogging) Southern specialties. OM NOM NOM.

You have such a great eye for details.