Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Sketching

Squeezed in a little sketching-upon-my-knee this morning.

This afternoon, the daughter & best friend, and I took a tiny road trip north in preparation for the next campus tour (this time Western Washington). It's not really that far of a drive - a bit over an hour and a half, but she is meeting with the director of the music dept. early, and my husband has eleventy-hundred hotel points from all of his vast traveling, so he set us up in a nice hotel a bit down the road from the college.

The daughter is jealous of my suite - with the iHome, dual-TVs, mini-fridge and microwave, wifi and my own pet orchid, but she and the BF get their joint room to themselves, so they really can't complain. So we are hanging out and relaxing this sunny evening, having a 'girl's night out' before the all-day marathon of tomorrow...

Tomorrow we'll see if Western is photo-worthy...


The Garden Ms. S said...

You have a lovely gift for making all life's adventures fun.

I'm sure your daughter will pass that on to her daughter someday as well :)

(I don't know if any campus could be Washington's Hogwarts, tho'.)

J.L.Meyer said...

Nice on getting the sketching in.
Looks almost church like, nice portrait.
An i-home and an Orchid? Wow, never seen those in hotels before. That would be such a nice room for cons..
*day dreams*

Gina said...

eleventy-hundred, that's a lot! Nice sketching, as usual! Your suite looks cool! I hope you have a nice time friend.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Well gee....I used to get in trouble for drawing in church!!

Have fun on your trip!!