Saturday, September 05, 2009

Monsters. And cupcakes.

Went on another downtown-Seattle gallery fieldtrip today-

This time a car full of us braved the clouds and the crowds (both Bumbershoot (Seattle's Music & Art Festival), and PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) are going full-blown this weekend)-

-to see an exhibit by the wondrous and eccentric Travis Louie-

(who has the best show title ever- "Portrait of an Artist as a Young Monster". Plus gorgeously detailed and realistic graphite and acrylic paintings that resemble gothic Victorian photographs.. You can see the entire show at the gallery website.)

After getting our fill of luscious art, we returned to the equally luscious cupcake bakery of wonderfulness...

Nice day. Nice company. Nice treats.

Back to painting...


The Garden Ms. S said...

Art, friends and cupcakes: just about perfect :)

Richard Jesse Watson said...

You all know how to make the most of life. What cool pals.Those cupcakes make me hungry right now. I agree, that is the best title for a show.