Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sunday Sketching-

Minor tragedy struck today. When I got to church and went to pull out my nearly-full Moleskine (and all of it's drawing accompaniments - pencils, pens, erasers, sharpener, tiny tin of colored pencils - all perfectly placed in a small 4x6 velcroed, cloth 'envelope'), alas! It was *not* in my purse. Dang. I've been carrying that envelope of drawing supplies around for over 5 years, and this mostly-Sunday Moleskine for nearly a year. Feeling kindof naked and bereft without it. Have looked all over in the car and at home, but it is nowhere to be seen.

I had to use my not-nearly-as-sensuously-surfaced Strathmore mini-sketchbook that was in my other bag. And scrounged a scratchy ball-point from the depths of my purse.... I don't draw in pen that often, so eased myself in by drawing drapery (baby blankets and leather jackets...)

By the time we hit Primary, I decided to attempt some pen faces (which I suck at. I am very eraser dependant apparently). Actually this is a very good exercise and I'm sure will help me be more precise in my initial laying-down-of-lines.
I just would really like my good, purse-drawing-kit pen.... :-(
(My Moleskine does have my name and phone number in it. Maybe it will still return home).


Anonymous said...

Oh, too bad! Losing something like a journal/sketchbook really hurts. I know!
Hope it turns up.

d. moll, said...

If it doesn't show up at home better check Sothebys....

Shannon said...

Sad! Here's to hoping it finds it's way home!

Leslie Hawes said...

"The Return Of The Moleskin"
It will happen.

The Garden Ms. S said...

I am wishing it home to you!

Soozcat said...

Oh no! Come home, Moleskine, all is forgiven!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about this tragedy. Hopefully, it will all turn up. I never think to put together a kit for my purse. I really should do that. Love the pen faces, they turned out well!

Jessie said...

How frustrating! It's been amazingly good drawing practice though. You'll appreciate your lovely tools all the more when you get them back and I hope you do soon!xx

Merisi said...

Your pen drawings look great indeed!
So sad about your loss - I hope it is a temporary one.
I am sure you have retraced every step,
but sometimes there's one that is forgotten. I hope you find it!
I know it's no comfort,
but I lost a week's travel photos and most of my pictures of 2009 through August. I am still mourning.