Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Sketching -

I tried a new view today - drawing a child upside-down (kind of messes with your head!). This also demonstrated a good example of reverse psychology: one of my wiggly Primary boys-who-cannot-sit-still spent part of the day hanging upside down in his chair. Tired of trying to get him to sit upright-with-feet-on-the-floor, I told him he needed to *stay* in that position so that I could draw his face. He did try for a few minutes, but then managed to remain relatively upright and forward facing for the rest of the time rather than stay still in an inverted position. :-)

(Try it though! It turns your learned-drawing-behavior - un-surprisingly- upside down).


Jessie said...

I've drawn upside down faces in a life drawing session and I know how you've got to almost shut your mind off to the fact it's a head and just concentrate on the shapes. The brain tends to make us think it's wrong doesn't it? Great challenge though and these sketches are really lovely as usual! Happy Christmas Tara,xx

Anonymous said...

Great reverse psychology!

You are doing great. Elena