Friday, January 22, 2010

Figure Friday -

No life drawing today (we only have the studio the first 3 Fridays of the month), so I'm posting a couple of figures from book #11.

My fairy nieces initially posed for this, and after some alterations this is where it ended up. I liked how it turned out well enough that I thought it ought to have a little more to it than just a soft, wet-into-wet background.... I've added actual 'stuff' back there to render and paint... Cuz I'm so not behind and I don't have enough to do!


Anonymous said...

I suppose that that means that you ARE behind and shouldn't be doing this? I love the picture. You are so good with people. Elena

Anonymous said...



Jessie said...

Beautifully, beautifully drawn. :)

Shannon said...

LOVE this! Beautiful!