Friday, February 18, 2011

Figure Friday - plus, *more* Ducklings!

Sleepy life drawing today. Certainly make drawing slower and harder...

Couldn't wait to get outside afterwards, and check on the status of the ducklings -

The good news is they are still darling, the sad news is that there are only 6 left (last week there were 8).

Due to the sunshine and the holiday weekend, there were any number of children there - many feeding the birds (and note the seagull in the foreground. Another variety to add to the mix..)

(duckling scoring hunk of biscuit!)

Momma duck continues to herd them along...

...their favorite place continues to be in the water...

... and the ubiquitous crows continue to supervise.

1 comment:

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

I think my favorites are your gestures. Your line is bolder and more angular, truly capturing the stance.
Great shots of little ducklings. So cute. Bless that sweet mommy...trying to keep track of them all.