Monday, February 21, 2011

Music Monday - White Winter Hymnal, plus, winter garden pics.

Thought we should listen to a bit more wintery stuff while it still is!(they are threatening snow here later in the week). Here is a lovely ditty from Fleet Foxes:

And while it is still chilly February, thought I'd post what the yard look like this time of year:

The north side - with the newly pruned grape vines against the fence, berry bushes, newly cleaned out raspberry bed... Looks pretty drear, but they are all budding, awaiting for a bit more sun and warmth.

 The raised beds are mostly cleared out with a few left over kale and onion plants (I've left a covering of the pulled plants mostly so that the chickens don't tear them up completely). There are also the beginnings of parsley and chervil and elephant garlic.

 I still need to clean out the strawberry bed (before the chickens demolish it) above, and have to decide what to put in the new large round bed in the middle of the yard...

 (You can also see the chicken coop, the dwarf fruit trees, the pots of herbs...

 You can kind of see the columnar apple trees here growing here against the deck stairs...

(which the chickens also like to come up and root around in the herb boxes on the deck - much to my husband's great dismay. He does NOT like them underfoot, and cannot fathom why I like to pick them up and pet them....)

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