Thursday, April 28, 2011

Star Wars Exhibit - Part Last

Props and models !
I kind of loved all the round, organic, vaguely art-nouveau shapes of the weapons from the last three movies...

Such interesting round shapes - warm tones - kinda steampunky.

And then there were the models! So many! especially of the various ships (the Millennium Falcon model was nearly 5 feet wide!). Lots and lots of surface detailing - mock 'damage', and hand painting...

These walkers (which I always loved!) were about 2 feet tall. Why don't I have this job???

And here was a *full size* hovercraft! (with background video talking about making and filming it). It was like being inside the movies (wish we could have been inside the hovercraft!)... Fun, fun exhibit. Thanks for tagging along. :-)


Justin said...

Can we buy a speeder?

TaraLarsenChang said...

Thought you'd like that. :-)