Friday, April 29, 2011

Fabulous Friday - with butterflies. :-)

After spending time with all things Star Wars at the exhibit, we decided to also hit the Butterfly House before we left the Science Center -
Butterfly houses are one of my favorite things. Give me a large glass room filled with sunshine, flowers and butterflies... A thing of happy!

Sometimes the flowers are so bright that the butterflies are almost indistinguishable...

There were many many varieties - with new ones being added every day from the collection of cocoons behind another window -

-we could see several emerging from cocoons as we watched (however the reflections on the glass precluded me taking a good photo to show you).

Butterflies were on the flowers, in the air, on the sidewalk, on *people* and on the fruit left out for them to feed on (so fun watching their long proboscis plunging in and out of the banana's core).

In addition to the butterflies, there were large, lovely koi in the ponds...

Felt like you could just reach in and tickle them. :-)

Great day all around.

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Hayden said...

wow, what a shot of brilliant color! I feel like I just mainlined a paint box! Gorgeous.