Monday, May 02, 2011

Music Monday - The Voice (and May Day!)

I love this piece from Celtic Woman. Seems appropriate for Beltane -
(And oh! I love those drummers! Wow..Want them banging drums in my gardens out back - kind of  every day, all of the time :-).

 To celebrate the new month, a friend and I went to Camlann for Mayfest.

 It's been such a damp, cool spring - everything was totally moss and fern encrusted.

 We spent some time chatting with the village candle-maker. Hearing about her process, and materials (there is a history lesson in every character here!), and it was certainly nice to stand by her fire!

 Heard about the various things used for dyes - especially for those near-black 'corpse candles'...

Also got to spend quite a bit of time talking with the blacksmith. He was very chatty and told us much about working iron vs. working steel... 

 My friend Michelle even got in the act and got to pound a bit on the steel knife blade he was working on.

 There were musicians playing in the background -

 Sheep anxiously awaiting to be shorn -

 Costumes were worn, games were played -

 Floral garlands were made -

-a medieval lunch was had, and then we headed out to a magical garden center, full of plants and animals. 
Pictures of *that* adventure will come anon!

A happy May to you!


Rebecca Bush said...

Looks like a nice afternoon!

The Garden Ms. S said...

Love the floral garlands. You *do* have the nicest adventures! :)