Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back from the Dead!

Sorry for dropping of the planet, but after that first night at IMC, my laptop blew up. Irretrievably. (I am in deep mourning...)
I have lots of pictures and reports from IMC and environs
(as well as garden updates and new kitten shots)-
-which I will get to as quickly as I can, now that I am nearly finished downloading all the software on this new, screaming desktop (courtesy of my kind husband). So, stay tuned!


Soozcat said...

Sorry your laptop a splode. But looking forward to hearing about IMC! And yay for your hubby!

Jennifer Rose said...

i would love to go to that one day! so many great artists in one place

Jessie said...

Oh I feel your pain with the laptop situation! I hate being parted from mine. You get so used to it don't you and it feels so strange trying to use a different one. I hope you get the new one sorted soon. Have a lovely weekend Tara:)xx