Friday, July 29, 2011

Fabulous Friday - The Bellevue Art Fair

Got to spend the day visiting the big, fancy
Bellevue Festival of the Arts -
The featured artist works with yarn (the banners above? yes, yarn) -

She even knitted lamp post covers - all down the street (the 'kid street' - full of chalk drawings...)

There were also interactive pieces - these metal frames that had been primed with some yarn. Anyone who wanted were given a ball of brightly colored yarn to add to the pieces. At the end of the day, these will be moved into the museum, and new ones will be put out for tomorrow (again - kids especially love it).

And then on to all the booths and vendors -
Love this guys' outdoor, kinetic sculptures.

There were a number of musicians selling, and performing on exotic instruments.

Loved this guys' wire sculptures. (I bought one of his wire beetles).

This gal's work was really neat. Photographic prints of actual insects, but cut and mounted dimensionally.

Chris Griffin had a delightfully crowded booth of repurposed vintageness turned into darling clocks.

And so on. There were paintings (look at the darling metal-circle painting label on the right) -

-glass and pottery galore.

And there were a number of booths selling funky hats :-) (filled with older women trying them on).

This gal's paintings were enormous and stunning.

Gardens of glass...

There were hundreds of other impressive artists. A couple of standouts that didn't allow photos (and that you should look up) are Diana Voohries Kinky Shoe sculptures (so cool) and Lorra Lee Rose's absolutely breath-taking life size feather sculptures. They were some of the most amazing things I've ever seen. 

But maybe the funnest part of the entire day were all the great artists that we got to talk to (momo here, with my POBL friend Michelle - from Jamaica, now from San Franscisco. She learned paper marbleing in Turkey. She has a great French-Jamaican  accent. She has traveled the world and has done many many interesting things).

Fun, arty day!

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